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Reflectance Panel Instructions - Push Button Method

Before Starting

Reflectance panel images should be captured immediately before and/or after drone survey data collection.

General Instructions


  1. Assemble aircraft, 6X sensor, and light sensor.

  2. Power on aircraft.

  3. Wait for 6X and light sensor status LEDs to turn green.

  4. Place the reflectance panel in an open and unobstructed area.

  5. Pick up aircraft and hold at waist height over calibration panel.

    • Ensure aircraft is not shadowing the reflectance panel.

    • Ensure the light sensor is not shadowed by your body.

  6. Press the button on the light sensor to start calibration image capture.

  7. Continue to hold the aircraft over the reflectance panel until image capture completes.

  8. Set down aircraft and pick up panel.

Detailed Instructions


Setup the aircraft, attach the light sensor and gimbal, then connect the light sensor to the gimbal.

For Gimballed Sensors

Connect the light sensor/GPS to the USB-C port on the gimbal

For Non-Gimballed Sensors

Connect the light sensor/GPS to the USB-C port on the 6X

Power On & Verify Session Start

Power the aircraft on. This will also power the gimbal, sensor, and light sensor.

Wait for the lights on the 6X and the light sensor to turn green to verify a camera session has been started.

Place Reflectance Panel

In a clear area, open the reflectance panel and place it on a flat surface.

Try not to touch the gray calibrated reflectance surface with your bare hands or fingers to keep it free from contamination.

Pick Aircraft Up & Start Image Capture

  1. Lift the drone waist-high and centered over the reflectance panel.

  2. Listen for beeps from the 6X Sensor and watch the LED lights on the camera. They will begin blinking green, then white, then turn solid green, which indicates the images were captured.

When holding the drone/sensor over the panel, avoid shadowing the panel, and try to keep the sun at your side, as opposed to in front or behind you when capturing the reflectance panel images.

Avoid shadowing the light sensor with your body.

Verify Calibration Images (Optional)

Connect the Sensor to a laptop and check the current session folder for calibration imagery.

Use the same data offload process linked below to access the calibration images:

pageOffload Process


Pack away the reflectance panel, being sure to only handle it by the edges.

Once the reflectance panel images have been recorded it is time to fly and the imagery can be converted to reflectance values after the flight.

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