Data Import

6X Multispectral Sensor Data Import Introduction


6X uses standard metadata tagging formats and labels, such as EXIF and XMP. They are compatible with standard GIS and image processing tools, such as Pix4D.

The images are geo-tagged, not geo-tiffs, and as such, do not natively import into ArcGIS or other similar tools. Additional processing through Pix4D, Agrisoft Metashape, ODM, custom scripts or FieldAgent, is required.

6X implements a custom processing pipeline that is designed to maintain high linearity between a recorded digital number (DN) and irradiance. This characteristic is critical for utilization and analysis of multispectral data.


All image layers are captured simultaneously. The TIFF image layers are co-registered by the 6X onboard and in real-time. Registration, vignetting correction, and RGB color correction, can all be turned off, if desired.

Folder Structure

Each session folder created by the 6X will contain 6 subfolders. One for each imager on the sensor.

Common Post Processing Tools

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