6X Multispectral Sensor Quick Start Guide - Installation

Getting Started

Everything needed to install the 6X sensor and light sensor/GPS (optional) will be included in the case. This is the best place to start with a new 6X.

It is recommended to install the 6X and related equipment onto the aircraft in a controlled environment like an office before your first flight to ensure that everything fits and powers on as expected.

Light Sensor/GPS Mount Installation

Use the provided mount(s), screws, and alcohol wipes to install the light sensor/GPS mounting hardware.

Detailed Mounting Hardware Installation Instructions


6X & Light Sensor Installation

  1. Install the light sensor/GPS and 6X onto the aircraft.

  2. Connect the USB-C to USB-C cable to the light sensor/GPS and the gimbal.

  3. Power on the aircraft.

Detailed Sensor Installation Instructions


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