6X Multispectral Sensor Gimbal Connector Integrations - DJI XT30

Sentera offers a kit for mounting 6X with a DJI XT30 connector for use with 6X gimbals with Skyport mounting hardware.

The input voltage range is 12-16VDC and the typical power draw is 20 watts.

This mounting method only supports powering the 6X, gimbal, and light sensor/GPS. Triggering must be accomplished via stand alone mode.

6X - Skyport Interconnect

6X Thermal - Skyport Interconnect

Kit Contents (SKU: 21229-00)

  • Gimbal Interconnect

  • Vibration Dampeners

  • Power Cable

Sentera XT30 Mounting Plate

The kit can be attached to the air vehicle using the mounting hole pattern shown.

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