Incident Light Sensor Introduction


The incident light sensor is used to measure the color spectrum of incident light from the sun.

The GPS receiver is used for position information for geo-tagging the imagery at the time of capture. It may also be used to convey to the 6X when to trigger image capture.

The 6X does not require the use of an external GPS for geotagging purposes. Fully integrated systems can obtain position information from the aircraft autopilot. See the configuration settings for more information.

Incident Light Sensor & GPS

The incident light sensor and GPS module (ILS-GPS) is a combined sensor module. Including the incident light sensors and a GPS receiver.

The intended use of this module is to collect incident light information for the imagery during the flight to help correct for non-uniform lighting.

The GPS receiver may or may not be used for geo-tagging position information depending on the configuration of the 6X.

Stand-alone GPS

The stand-alone GPS module only has a the GPS receiver onboard. The intended use of this module is to geo-tag the imagery for 6X installations that do not receive position information from the aircraft autopilot.

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