6X Multispectral Sensor Customization Information

Filter Configuration Options

Custom filtering options for the 6X sensor can be supported.

Center Wavelength Spectral Range:

Filters in the 450nm to 975nm range can be supported. The sensitivity of the monochrome sensors drops off dramatically outside of these regions. Pass bands placed outside of these regions would be excessively wide and spectral content would be heavily weighted to one end of the pass band.

The minimum required bandwidth is driven by the spectral sensitivity of the sensor, the reflectance of the imaged content, sunlight intensity, and typical lens transmissivity. At 750nm, for example, the sensitivity of the camera, reflectance of the vegetation, sunlight intensity, and lens transmissivity are all quite high. Therefore, only a narrow pass band is needed to pass sufficient light to the sensor.

These guidelines assume the user is imaging vegetation. Non-vegetation applications need to be looked at on an individual basis.

Imager Configurations

Changing the imager configuration of the 6X is generally not supported. I.e. removing the RGB imager for another monochrome imager, and vice versa. The configurations of the 6X and it's imagers are inherent to the hardware design and cannot be easily changed.

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