How To Update

6X Multispectral Sensor Firmware Update Instructions

Download Firmware Update File

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Before You Start

Data will be deleted during the firmware upgrade process. Make sure to copy the data off your sensor before performing the update.

This Process works on Windows or Mac.

Power On Sensor

Power the 6X using the AC adapter or keep it attached to the aircraft and turn the aircraft on.

When using the AC power supply, connect the cable to the 6X first, then connect the adapter to the outlet.

Connect Sensor to Computer

Open Sensor Webpage

In a web browser (no internet required) type into the address bar and press enter.

pageHow To Access Web Page User Interface

If the sensor is being powered by the AC adapter the screen will appear red with a warning message.

Select Update Firmware

Apply Firmware File

Allow Update to Execute

The software update process begins and may take several minutes. Do not turn off the power or disconnect the cable during this process. It may reboot several times during the process.

Allow Sensor to Self-Reboot


Once complete, the web page will refresh. You can check the firmware version after the web page refreshes by checking the 'Current Version' at the top of the update page, or the version in the lower left of the web page menu bar.

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