Integrated Mode (Most Common)

6X Multispectral Sensor Standard Operating Procedure - Commanded Triggers

General Instructions

  1. Assemble aircraft.

  2. Install 6X & Light Sensor/GPS.

  3. Power aircraft

  4. Verify a session has started.

  5. Capture calibration images (optional).

  6. Verify camera model, altitude, overlap , and flight speed settings in flight app.

  7. Fly.

  8. Offload data (optional).

Detail Instructions

Assemble Aircraft

Assembly the aircraft per manufacturer instructions.

Attach 6X & Light Sensor/GPS

  1. Attach 6X to the aircraft.

  2. Attach the light sensor/GPS to the aircraft.

  3. Connect the light sensor/GPS to the 6X using the provided USB-C to USB-C cable.

  4. Secure the USB-C to USB-C cable to the aircraft.

Power Aircraft & Wait For Session Start

  1. Power the aircraft on.

  2. Let the 6X boot (solid status red LEDs).

  3. Verify the 6X has started a session (solid green status LEDs). This take about 1 minute and requires a GPS fix.

Capture Calibration Images (Optional)

  1. Place the reflectance panel on a flat surface in direct sunlight.

  2. Pick up the aircraft and hold it waist high with the 6X directly over the reflectance panel.

  3. Press the button on the light sensor to start the calibration image capture.

  4. Hold the aircraft over the panel until the image capture is complete.

  5. Set down aircraft and pick up panel.

Verify Flight Settings

Verify the camera model/parameters, flight speed, survey altitude, and overlap settings.


Prepare the aircraft for launch, then fly.

Offload Data (optional)

Offload the data after aircraft has landed or fly again.

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