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6X Multispectral Sensor Installation - DJI Inspire 1 & 2

6X & Light Sensor


  1. Install light sensor/GPS into mounting tray.

  2. Connect the 90 degree adapter to the straight end of the USB-C cable.

  3. Connect USB-C cable into light sensor.

  4. Secure USB-C Cable.

  5. Install 6X gimbal into Skyport.

  6. Connect USB-C cable to gimbal.

  7. Power On the aircraft.

The light sensor is connected to the USB-C port on the upper portion of the gimbal not the USB-C port on the sensor itself.

If a light sensor is not bring used, simply omit the related steps.

Light Sensor/GPS Mounting

If a Light Sensor/GPS was purchased with the 6X, the hardware to mount to the drone needs to be installed. See the instructions linked below.

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