DJI M200/M210

6X Multispectral Sensor Installation - DJI M200/210

6X & Light Sensor


  1. Install light sensor/GPS into mounting tray.

  2. Connect USB-C cable into light sensor.

  3. Secure USB-C Cable.

  4. Install 6X gimbal into Skyport.

  5. Connect USB-C cable to gimbal.

  6. Power On the aircraft.

The light sensor is connected to the USB-C port on the upper portion of the gimbal not the USB-C port on the sensor itself.

If a light sensor is not bring used, simply omit the related steps.

Dual Gimbal Setup

For dual gimbal mount setup the 6X should be placed in the correct port for the slected mode of operation (sensor configuration).

Integrated Mode

Use gimbal slot 1. This will power the sensor/gimbal/light sensor, and allow the sensor to communicate with the DJI autopilot and ingest trigger commands, GPS, altitude, and attitude information.

Stand Alone Mode (Sentera GPS)

Use gimbal slot 2. This will power the sensor/gimbal/light sensor/external GPS. The 6X will use the light sensor/GPS module for GPS and altitude data, as well as allow the 6X to self trigger based on the auto-height overlap settings.

Light Sensor/GPS Mounting

If a Light Sensor/GPS was purchased with the 6X, the hardware to mount to the drone needs to be installed. See the instructions linked below.

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