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6X Multispectral Sensor Firmware Update Latest Firmware Version

Version 3.9.1

Release Notes



  • Log connection speed of USB and Ethernet connections

  • Improved USB connectivity robustness

  • Improved application logging

Bug Fixes

  • N/A

Previous Releases



  • Remove leftover fsck *.rec files on startup

  • Update wording about potential dataloss when updating firmware

  • Add autobaud support for gimballed MAVLink systems

Bug Fixes

  • N/A



  • Added support for SBG Quanta DGR

  • Added support for Inspired Flight IF800/IF1200A

  • Improved error messages on web page when storage is full

  • Improved metadata location/attitude accuracy for Skyport V2 systems

  • Improved metadata location/attitude accuracy on supported Mavlink2 RTK systems

  • Improved USB connectivity and performance

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed calibration images not showing calibration running on web page

  • Fixed updating the camera exposure parameters causing a camera error condition



  • Added support for DJI Skyport V2 hardware.

  • Added support for Freefly Astro.

  • Significantly reduced session startup time.

Bug Fixes

  • Firmware updates will now delete all images on camera when applied to prevent image corruption issues.

  • Fixed improper encoding for exif tag GPSProcessingMethod.

  • Fixed rare issue causing invalid exif tag GPSHPositioningError.

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the user from updating the advanced camera settings.

  • Increased allowed maximum RGB JPG size to prevent images from being clipped (DJI RTK).

  • Improved switching algorithm and accuracy when using DJI RTK enabled systems (DGR).

  • Fixed gimbal not found error reporting on M300 DGR system (DGR).

  • Improved the accuracy of RGB image metadata synchronization.



  • Increased RGB vignetting correction bit depth from 8 to 12-bits.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix subtle ring artifact in RGB imagery.



  • Improved color and behavior of saturated pixels in images.

  • Improved vignetting correction settings.

  • Allow settable baud rates on all UARTS for OEM integrators.

  • Add ExifImageHeight and ExifImageWidth tags to jpegs to allow easier reading of image size.

  • Update branding on configuration webpages.

  • Inhibit DJI Skyport image triggers for non-command modes (e.g., overlap mode) to prevent double triggering during flight.

  • Add support for new gimbal hardware revision.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue preventing photo counts from updating in DJI Pilot.

  • Fix a rare image corruption issue causing bad captures and missing exif data.

  • Fix occasional missing EOF marker on RGB JPEGs.



  • Improved RGB image quality.

  • Added new Image Adjustment configuration web page * Allows adjustment of contrast, brightness, and saturation * Allows changing of some autoexposure parameters.

  • Added Known Height Overlap mode * Allows low altitude flights at known AGLs to trigger properly * Must be configured from the web page prior to flight.

  • Added support for RTK position data on DJI drones.

  • Added support for new hardware revisions with UHS SD card interfaces.

  • Added trigger input debouncing for external push button input.

  • Improved laser rangefinder accuracy (DGR).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a rare issue causing image capture faults and skipped photos.

  • Fixed a rare issue causing thermal image corruption (21216).

  • Fixed CRC errors after camera session start (DGR).

  • Remove RGB BandSensitivity tag if color correction is enabled.



  • Add Samba signed communication support.

  • Add support for ILS/GPS module push-button and buzzer.

  • Add support for new gimbal hardware revision 22114/23114.

  • Add AGL source to imagery XMP tag.

  • Add PSDK/HGNSI hybrid configuration mode for DGR systems.

  • Improved logging output.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix 256 bytes of corrupt image data at start of RGB JPEG files.

  • Fix web bridge failure when reformatting NVMe drive.



  • Added built-in test for mono imagers on startup.

  • Updated XMP tags for improved Pix4D support.

  • Removed option for multipage TIFFs from webpage.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed incorrect reporting of remaining camera storage.

  • Fixed thermal image synchronization issue (21216).



  • Improved application logging.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed display of webpage application error.



  • Initial 6X Thermal firmware release (21216).

  • Improved vignetting correction for RGB images.

Bug Fixes

  • N/A



  • N/A.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated webpage error message when gimbal comms not present.



  • Improve RGB image quality.

  • Add improved color calibration.

  • Add gamma correction to images.

  • Add saturation detection to color correction.

  • Add sharpening to images.

  • Add vignetting correction.

  • Adjusted autoexposure values to minimize saturation in RGB imagery.

  • Add XMP tags to indicate when new RGB processing steps are enabled.

  • Increased pulse width of image capture output signal to 100ms.

Bug Fixes

  • N/A.



  • Webpage configuration of external image trigger (TRIGGER pin).

  • DJI Onboard-SDK (OSDK) metadata performance improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • N/A.



  • Real-time switching of GPS/RTK data for DJI Onboard-SDK (OSDK).

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for intermittently dropped serial data bytes.



  • Support for DJI Onboard-SDK (OSDK) serial input as data source.

  • Support for Honeywell (HGNSI) serial input as data source.

  • Improved diagnostic data logging.

Bug Fixes

  • N/A.



  • Skyport support added for M200/M300 series of DJI drones.

  • Allow updating metadata source from webpage.

  • Set default jpg quality to 90% (was 75%).

Bug Fixes

  • Update direct USB to support MacOS/Linux systems.



  • Add support for direct USB connection to camera w/ camera acting as USB->Ethernet

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue of exposure sweep (i.e. reflectance panel calibration process) not capturing all imagery.



  • N/A.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue that could cause jpg files to revert to their largest size (8MB).

  • Pix4D should recognize all 6x cameras as rigs.



  • Added performance log to monitor camera temperatures after flights.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed occasional truncated jpg images when flying over fields with very fine detail.

  • Fixed issue that could corrupt drive contents when no space was left on the camera.



  • Added calibration entries for principal point, focal length, and lens warp (when available).

  • Display DOP and satellite count for Mavlink systems.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for users reporting black bands in their aligned images.

  • Synchronization improvement to avoid out of sync imagers (vertical lines).

  • Fix for coordinate frame rotations in DGR systems.

  • Adjusted Autoexposure for RGB camera to reduce over/underexposed images.

  • Improve stability at high capture rates.



  • Added support for calibration image sweeps.

  • Users can now select trigger type from the webpage.

  • Active config files are automatically updated with each release.

  • Added support for Septentrio direct georeferencing.

  • Allows for configurable attitude offset.

Bug Fixes

  • N/A.



  • Added support for selecting single/multipage tiffs.

  • Added ability to enable/disable imager settings from main webpage.

  • Improved setting overlap from web page.

  • Improved support for tags in Pix4D.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed jpg sizes sometimes being incorrect when transferring from the camera.

  • Fixed crash that could occur on startup due to imager synchronization.

  • Improved error messages if an imager is not detected by the hardware.

  • Fixed type of some XMP tags used by Pix4D for importing.



  • Initial Customer Release.

Bug Fixes

  • N/A.

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