6X Multispectral Sensor Introduction

The Sentera 6X Multispectral Sensor delivers science-grade, high-resolution visual image products through a streamlined, easy-to-use, data processing workflow.

Designed to meet the most demanding research and data science requirements, the 6X features six simultaneously triggered channels, each with a dedicated, high quality optical path. Each optical path allows for a fast capture rate (five frames per second) and produces highly accurate radiometric data.

Leveraging technology used in Sentera’s advanced sensors, the 6X is equipped with a custom processor, tailored to efficiently handle immense data throughput, and perform onboard computer vision and machine learning computations.

The 6X sensor is the camera unit, but the 6X Multispectral Sensor kit may include a variety of components, depending on the purchase options. The 6X purchase may include a light sensor, GPS sensor, cabling, gimbal, and/or reflectance panel.

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Sentera 6X Multispectral Sensor

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