6X Multispectral Sensor Configuration


The configuration page is used to change:

  • How the 6X interacts with the aircraft it is connected to.

  • The triggering method

In most cases the 6X is preconfigured based on what aircraft/system the camera is ordered for and the configuration doesn't need to be changed.

To learn how to change the configuration of the 6X or change the overlap for auto-height overlap mode, see the pages linked below.

How To Instructions

pageHow To Change Overlap SettingspageHow To Change Configuration

Platform/Metadata Configuration

The platform and metadata configuration is used to tell the 6X what aircraft it will be used with and where data sources (altitude, GPS, heading, etc) will come from.

Config File

The Config File field will display the currently config file. It also contains the change button used for changing the config file.

Depending on the current config file there will be limited config files displayed in the change menu. To display all configuration file options select the "All platform configurations" and/or the "Advanced configurations" radio buttons as shown in the advanced tab below.

Config Type

The Config Type is tied to the config file and gives more specific instruction about the metadata sources. The config names and data source information are listed below.

NameGPS SourceAttitude SourceTrigger SourcePlatforms

DJI Skyport

DJI Autopilot

DJI Autopilot

DJI Autopilot

M300 M350 M200 M210

Sentera GPS

Sentera Light Sensor/GPS

6X Sensor Internal IMU

6X Sensor

M300 M350 M200 M210

M100 Inspire 2

Inspire 1 Astro Custom

Configurations with 6X Sensor Internal IMU as an Attitude source does not contain yaw/heading information and must be flown east facing.


The trigger field is used to set the trigger type and related settings.

Trigger Type

The Command trigger type is used when the trigger commands come directly from the aircraft autopilot.

No settings are provided for this mode. The sensor will only trigger if it receives a trigger command from MAVLink, the web page, Payload SDK, or the custom Sentera Protocol.

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