Image Adjustment

6X Multispectral Sensor Image Adjustment Settings


6X image settings are set by default for the best settings in most use cases. There is also the ability to alter some of the color and exposure settings for custom applications.

Changing these values is not necessary for most applications and may prevent standard analytics from being run.




In most normal usage, the exposure should not need to be adjusted, however if your images are consistently too bright or too dark, the autoexposure settings can be modified. These settings will change how bright / dark the image is, as well as the shutter speeds and gains used to capture the image.


0 - 255

60 (rgb), 75 (mono)


Sets the average pixel value across the entire frame that the autoexposure attempts to achieve. It is the highest 8 bits of any imager, and is calculated before any ISP corrections are performed. This means that the final image will likely have an average brightness much higher than this target due to vignetting and gamma correction being applied in later steps. Due to this, in general the target value should be kept lower than 100.

RGB Color Adjustments

These settings allow adjustment to the overall brightness, contrast, and saturation of the image without modifying the exposure. They should be used for fine color adjustment if the default settings are not giving the quality of image needed for your application.


-255.0 – 255.0



Sets how bright/dark the overall image is. This value is added or subtracted from each pixel. Higher values result in the image looking more washed out, and lower values make it darker.




There are several onboard processing steps that the sensor performs to provide the best data product possible. While we recommend leaving these at their default settings, each of the processing stages can be disabled to get completely unmodified imagery from the sensor.




This enables use of the internal color correction matrix on the sensor. The purpose is to compensate for the exact response of the sensor and produce an image with correct color and white balance. Disabling this is not recommended, as the resulting images will appear ‘greenish’ due to the sensitivity profile of the imager.

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