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The home page of the 6X webpage displays the sensor status, session control, trigger control, and calibration control menus. This is the default landing page when the webpage is accessed.


The status field displays the telemetry information received from external sources like the aircraft autopilot or light sensor/GPS.

GPS Status

The GPS status displays the GPS information currently available to the 6X.


The attitude status displays the current attitude of the 6X in the earth reference frame.

The attitude information source is dependent on the selected configuration. See the configuration page for detailed information.

Session Control

Session Control displays if the 6X is ready to take imagery or not. If a session is started, the 6X is ready. If a session is not started automatically the 6X may not be ready. However, a session can be started manually if desired.

Session control is displayed in 2 states:

Session In Progress

The 6X has detected that it is ready to begin collecting imagery. The session start criteria is based on the configuration of the 6X.

Start Session

The 6X did not automatically start a session.

To start a session manually:

  1. Name the session in the text input box, or leave the default web_session name.

  2. Press the Start Session button.

  3. Verify the status lights on the 6X turn solid green.

Starting a session manually can be useful for ground testing.

Starting a session manually before a flight is not recommended as the 6X may not have the telemetry information necessary for successful data capture.

Trigger Control

The 6X can be manually triggered using the Capture Image button in the Trigger Control field. This is useful for ground testing, or when manual image capture is applicable.

Press the Capture Image button (a session must be started) and the 6X will take an image (1 image per imager). The status LEDs on the 6X will briefly flash from green to white.

Calibration Control

The Calibration Control field is used for capturing calibration images with a reflectance panel. The manual Capture Calibration button only needs to be used when:

Learn how to properly capture calibration images here:

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