File Structure

6X Multispectral Sensor File Structure


The 6X uses an internal SSD to store the captured data. This article will describe the file storage structure.

File Structure

The 6X file structure is as follows:

data > snapshots > session folders > data sub-folders (rgb, NIR, Red Edge, etc) > image files

The session folders are labeled as YYYY-MM-DD_HH-MM-SS. Where YYYY-MM-DD is the date that the imagery was collected on, and HH-MM-SS is the UTC time that the session folder created at (when the 6X status lights turned green).

If the 6X is power cycled between flights over a single area, there will be a session folder for each power up and session start of the camera. i.e. the imagery will be split between each folder.

Inside of each session folder there are 6 sub-folders. These sub-folders contain the imagery from each individual lens/channel of the 6X.

The folders are labeled based on the lens filter (Blue, Green, Red, Red Edge, NIR, RGB, etc). The center wavelength and filter width are also displayed.

Inside of each sub-folder the imagery that corresponds to the folder will be found.

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